BLOCK is an outreach ministry of Wooster Church. For many years now, a team of individuals have gone to an area in the southern part of the city of Wooster to minister to those who are lonely, need help with household/yard tasks, or ask for prayer. Approximately 60 people are involved in this ministry with the group going “on the block” the 1st and 3rd Saturdays each month.  For more information, please contact Andrew Heller.

On Saturday, December 17th, we will take our BLOCK Christmas bags to the community.  Join us in the worship center at 10am prior to us going out to be a blessing!  Bring the whole family!

The 1-2-3 Challenge


The BLOCK ministry is challenging you! The BLOCK is part of the DNA of our church, and we want you to be involved. Jesus called us to GO! and our goal is to make the BLOCK an easy on-ramp for you to be involved in reaching our community. See the challenge below on how you can get plugged into the BLOCK.


1. Give $1 to the BLOCK every week.

                -These dollars will go towards serving our BLOCK friends in the best way we can.

                -Tangible items will be bought to help meet our BLCOK friends felt needs.

-We will also be pointing our BLOCK friends towards community resources that are available for them to get a hand up and not just a hand out.


2. Pray for the BLOCK 2 times a month.

-Pray for doors to open, and real relationships to be built. Pray for favor. Pray that we would have opportunities to pray with our BLOCK friends about the needs are cares they may have. Pray for wisdom and discernment. Pray that through the BLOCK, lives would be changed for eternity!


3. Serve on the BLOCK 3 times a year.

                -We are inviting you to come and serve with us at least 3 times a year as we go out on the BLOCK every 1st and 3rd Saturday.

Meet us at the church at 10 am for prayer. We will be headed out to our BLOCK’s by 10:30.

-We know if you come serve with us and see how God is moving through the BLOCK, you will want to come back and serve again!


Take the challenge, be a part of what God is doing through our BLOCK ministry, and ultimately see how lives are changed when we become less and He becomes more!