1st - 6th Grade


A Growing Place Ministries is dedicated to teaching kids the gospel in a way that is fun, exciting and encouraging. We want to equip KIDZ with the tools necessary to lead a life free from the entanglements of sin and to help them grow spiritually. We aspire to teach them the importance of hiding Gods word in their hearts and the blessings that come from knowing Him. We also promote family unity, spiritual growth and of course, having lots of fun in the process!  Please feel free to contact me anytime.  cindin@woosterchurch.org, 330-2620-1471 ext. 208  or 330-466-4396


Current ministries we have are...

*KIDZ Church –KIDZ Church is for 1st-6th graders on Sunday mornings during the 10:00am service in the gym. 5th and 6th graders have their own teaching time during KIDZ church. In KIDZ Church, we learn a different virtue every month.  We learn how to live out the virtue through music, games, video, small group time, skits, prayer and challenges.  There are three core truths we want the KIDZ to get before they leave our area:  I can trust God no matter what…I need to make the right choice …I need to treat others the way I want to be treated. 

* Sunday School – Our instruction time is from 9:00am-9:45am and is held in the gym.  

*KIDZ Biz – A weekly take-home paper for KIDZ and their parents.  It includes a “What’s Happening” page, a puzzle page and a God Time page.  We encourage KIDZ and their parents to spend time each day in God’s Word and form a life-time habit of reading God’s Word daily.

*Bible Quizzing – During the School year, our KIDZ are encouraged to be part of the Bible Quiz team.  They study one book of the Bible and then quiz other KIDZ on our district 4 times a year. 

*Missions – Our district has an annual Missions Day and a Work and Witness Day where KIDZ can learn first-hand about missions in our communities and around the world. 

*Talent Festival – Our district has a Talent Festival day where our KIDZ get to share their talents and see other KIDZ share theirs. 

*Sixth Grade Retreat – This is a special time for our pre-teen KIDZ getting ready to transition into the teen group.  The retreat encourages making godly choices with relationships and our bodies. 

*Summers  in A Growing Place include summer camps, Ready, Set, Go’s, Wild and Wacky Wednesday’s, Family swim nights and Family camp-out.

*GIRLZ and BOYZ Winter Camps – fast becoming a highlight of the year.  We have an over-night event at the church on the Monday’s KIDZ don’t have school in January and February.  This year’s theme for the BOYZ and GIRLZ was “Game Time."

*Musicals – This year the KIDZ will begin working on a Christmas musical in September.  We will practice on Wednesday nights.

*Fundraisers – We raise money to help KIDZ go to summer camps and for other fun events throughout the year.  This year our fundraisers include making and selling Easter candy, Valentine Bake Sale and 4th of July concessions at our church.



Wooster Church of the Nazarene KIDZ Biz

PARENTS, be sure and pick up a KIDZ Biz weekly to stay current with what is going on around here for your KIDZ. Wooster Church of the Nazarene KIDZ Biz