A Growing Place

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Volunteer Positions:

A Growing Place is led by a group of amazing volunteers who give of their time to lovingly create a place where kids feel at home. On any given Sunday there are about 40 volunteers who team up to help our children grow in the Lord. Since many of our positions are on a rotating basis we have 75 volunteers in all! If you love children and Jesus and are interested in being a part of our team please contact  Gail Wright  and check out the opportunities below.


is responsible for overseeing the needs of the children in the room and preparing given activities that enhance the theme of the day.

Teacher’s assistant:

will look for ways to assist the teacher. They are encouraged to engage with the children during playtime, assist during clean-up time, snack time and help maintain order.


will present the Bible story to 3-6 year olds in a creative way that will be interactive and grab the attention of preschoolers.


will fill in for someone who is sick or out of town.