Need to Know

A Growing Place

Check-in Process:

In order to make sure that each child who attends our classrooms is safe and protected we have a security nametag system in place. This system must be used consistently to be effective. When you bring your child to class, you will sign them in on the sign in sheet provided as well as fill out a specialized name tag for them. Each 2-part name tag has a number on each part, one part for the child and another part for the parent. If you are needed during the service this number will be seen up on the screens in the front of the church. You must present your part of the sticker to the classroom volunteer when you pick up your child. Special allergy alert stickers are also available at the check in counter for children who have allergies.


Children in A Growing Place will be promoted to the next classroom when they have a birthday. Except for infants who will be promoted to the 1’s class when they are walking well and the kindergarteners who will be all promoted to the King’s KIDZ the 3rd week in August every year.

Wellness Policy:

All of our classrooms are for well children. Please keep your child with you in service if the following symptoms are displayed within the past 24 hours. fever, diarhea, vomiting, eye infections, lice, non-clear runny nose, rash.

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  • Wellness Policy