Classrooms - Infants

A Growing Place

Our infant room is staffed with individuals who have a tender heart for babies. We take great care to ensure that the infant room is a clean and safe place for your child.

Please bring items that will comfort your baby and be sure to label all pacifiers, blankets, bottles etc. with their name or initials on them. The attendant will record the instructions you give to properly care for your child.

Each child will have a numbered nametag placed on their back. If you are needed out of the service, the attendants will contact you by having that number put on the screens in front of the church. As part of our safety policy, you MUST have your numbered tag to pick up your child.

During each service the children will be checked for diaper changes. If your child needs a diaper change the attendant will place a “changed with love” sticker on the front of their diaper so you know if they were changed while at church.

There is a Mom’s Nursing Area within our infant room with 2 soft rocking chairs, a changing station and a sink for your convenience and comfort. All we ask is that you remove your shoes and leave them at the entrance before entering the room.

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